FAQs & Shipping

Do you do custom orders? Yes! We love working with other like-minded creatives to achieve their vision. We have found that the most cost-effective way for both parties is on high-volume orders, so please do send us an email with your specifics. 

Do you do wholesale orders? What makes each piece so special here at THB is that no two are alike. However, for stockists or vendors we understand the need to have stock of a specific item. We are happy to replicate your favorite forms so please do email us with any inquiries.

Where do you ship? We are happy to ship anywhere in the world.

What does my shipping cost include? We are equally as excited as you about receiving your pieces. Therefor, we go to great lengths to ensure each piece is packed with the appropriate materials and delivered in a timely manner. Ship costs cover supplies and delivery fees.

What is your return policy? Each piece undergoes a thorough quality control process. What you see in the image will be the exact one sent out to you. Because of this, all sales are final. However, please feel free to request additional images and/or details – we are only an email away!

 What if my piece arrives damaged or broken? Though we pack each piece as carefully as possible (think bubble wrap overload!), we understand that mishandling beyond our control can arise. If you find any issues with your item, please email images to info@thehoneyblues.com within the same business day as it was received. Upon review, we are happy to send out another piece of equal value on us or store credit – whichever you prefer.

Can we feature you on our blog/website/social media account? It would be a pleasure! The only requirements are that “The Honey Blues” is credited and a direct link to our site is included. Thank you in advance and happy publishing!

How does your sizing work? Height and width are taken at the highest and widest point of the piece. An additional point of dimension is given for pieces that have a rim (or lip) that varies from its overall width. All sizes are rounded to the nearest quarter-inch. Please don’t hesitate to inquire regarding specific dimensions or additional photos if needed.